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Using FastPass at Disney Theme Parks

Arriving at a Disney Park is an experience in itself. However, long queues and so many attractions to visit can be quite overwhelming, especially for a first timer. Disney Parks offer FastPass, which is a system enabling visitors to enjoy other attractions whilst waiting for their turn at another attraction. In fact, the Disney FastPass saves you a place in line for some attractions while you enjoy the rest of the park.

So this is how it works:

1. One Disney Park admission ticket can be used for each rider into the FastPass machine at the entrance of that particular attraction;
2. A FastPass ticket will be issued from the machine, indicating the return time when it will be your turn to enter the attraction;
3. Enjoy the rest of the attractions and park amenities while you wait for your allocated return time;
4. Return to the attraction at the time indicated on your FastPass ticket and board in a very short period of time via the special FastPass entrance.
5. Enjoy the magic of Disney!


And lately Disney Parks have launched FastPass+, making it more flexible to plan in advance. With FastPass+, one can secure arrival times at the attractions in advance and even make changes on the go. It lets you reserve attractions, entertainment and other options once you purchase a ticket or Annual Pass. Selections can be made as early as 30 days before visiting the park or up to 60 days before check-in for those having a Walt Disney World Resort vacation package. One can secure up to 3 FastPass+ selections per day in advance either online or using the mobile app.

And to top it all off there is no extra charge as this is a complimentary benefit!


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