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Day Trip to Capri

We have been to Capri on a day trip whilst on a cruise. Naples was a one-day stop in two cruise itineraries we have been on, so Capri was a must-visit whilst docked there.

We opted not to take the cruise excursion, and instead ventured out on our own. One can cross over from Naples to Capri via the hydrofoil, so what I did was I checked the timetable before going on our trip, and took note of the departure times so that we wouldn’t miss the first boat available upon our arrival at Naples port and end up not having time to go there. This happened to us the first time we were docked in Naples on a cruise and ended up going to Sorrento instead of Capri. So second time round I was prepared not to do the same mistake again. To board the hydrofoil, one has to walk to Molo Beverello and get a ticket from the ticket booths there. In our case, the ship was docked really close literally a few metres away. The journey using the hydrofoil takes around 40 minutes, which is the fastest option.

Capri is a small island off the coast of Naples and Sorrento, in Italy. It has been a jet-setter’s paradise for many years, and one can meet celebrities in luxury boutiques, hotels and restaurants there as it is a holiday destination for many celebrities and well-known people. It gets very busy during peak season in Summer. Luckily we were there at the end of November, so although it was a bit rainy at times, it was very quiet and we could explore the island without battling crowds.


Capri is quite small – 4 miles long and 1.5 miles wide and it looks like a giant set of rocks as you approach it by boat. It is made of giant cliffs and two mountains, Mount Tilberio and Mount Solaro, towering over clear blue seas. Capri has a number of spectacular rock formations and natural grottos, with the Blue Grotto being the most famous one.

Capri and Anacapri are the main towns on the island. One usually arrives at Marina Grande, which is a busy little port where hydrofoils and ferries from Naples and Sorrento depart and arrive. From this little port, it is all uphill to reach Capri and Anacapri. One can opt to take a bus, use the funicular or take a taxi. We decided to take the bus to go to Capri and Anacapri, but then we walked back down a long flight of steps to go back to the Marina Grande again. It is a nice stroll down the stairs as one passes houses with lovely gardens built on the cliffside.

Marina Grande

We decided to visit Anacapri first and opted to catch a bus. The bus trip from Marina Grande is an experience in itself. One has to brace himself for a ride on the edge of the cliffs, heading upwards through very narrow winding roads. One cannot help but think of the worst at times when only the deep sea many metres beneath can be seen from the bus windows.

Buses on Capri

Once we reached Anacapri by bus, we went around the streets admiring the shops and houses and then headed to Villa San Michele. We walked in the gardens and admired the breathtaking views from there. The views are amazing. This villa is only around five minutes’ walk from where the bus stops at Anacapri.

View from Villa San Michele

From Anacapri we headed to Capri town by bus. We went round the backstreets looking at shop windows and just strolling around, after which we went back to Piazza Umberto I, which is the central hub of the town. From there it was time to go back to Marina Grande to take the hydrofoil back to Naples Port. We decided to walk down to Marina Grande via a set of steps, leading to the backstreets of Marina Grande.

Although the weather was not very sunny most of the day, it surely was a great experience. Having seen many pictures of Capri before heading there, I was really looking forward to this port stop to be able to visit the place myself. I would not hesitate to go back again, considering there is more to see and do, such as a boat tour to Grotta Azzurra and taking the chairlift to Mount Solaro.

View from Villa San Michele


View from Villa San Michele


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